G301, G303, G305 AND G307

The G301, G303, G305 and G307 stick grips feature four individual SPDT momentary contact switches to control one or two axis electric trim. The switches are triggered via a traditonal 4-way "hat" type activator. These switches are high quality, 15 amp Honeywell Microswitches specifically chosen for their superior tactile characteristics. The slotted one or two axis faceplates also adds to the very positive switching action.

The four trim switches can be wired directly to Ray Allen servos, eliminating the need to wire relays in your trim system when one grip is used. However, if two grips are used, you will need either relays or a switch to transfer the control of trims from one grip to the other.

The hand grip itself is made out of a very strong BASF composite that has excellent UV resistance. The entire grip has a textured finish. The G3 grips are 6.5” (165 mm) tall.

All G3 grips feature a momentary contact, SPDT Push-To-Talk (PTT) switch located on the front side of the grip.

A black faceplate is included with each grip. Gray and tan faceplates are also available.

All Ray Allen Stick Grips are designed to fit any stick size up to 1 1/8” in diameter with the use of spacers. Three spacers will be included with each grip enabling easy installation on 3/4”, 7/8” and 1” sticks. The stick grips include pre-cut and stripped 26 gage teflon insulated 19 strand wire.

A die-cut label sheet with 50 different labels is supplied with all G3 grips. See bottom of page for details. The labels are lexan coated for long service life and fit in their own recesses for a professional appearance.

There are four G3 stick grip models available:

The G301 (not pictured) features a PTT switch and blank faceplates.....$59

G303 (with included black faceplate)

G305 (with optional gray faceplate)

G307 (with optional tan faceplate)

The G307 stick grip has four trim switches, a faceplate slotted vertically and horizontally for two-axis trim, a PTT switch and two additional SPDT momentary contact pushbutton switches. The pushbutton switches can be replaced with four different style toggle switches (see bottom of page for details).............$169

The G303 stick grip has two trim switches, a faceplate slotted vertically for one-axis trim and a PTT switch........$119.

The G305 stick grip has four trim switches, a faceplate slotted vertically and horizontally for two-axis trim and a PTT switch..........$149

The above label is included with each G3 grip.

G307 Optional Switches

The pushbutton switch has a 2 amp @ 28 VDC rating.
The toggle type switches have a 5 amp @ 28 VDC rating.

Switch 1 = SPDT Pushbutton Switch, momentary contact
Switch 2 = SPDT Toggle Switch, On/Off
Switch 3 = SPDT Toggle Switch, On/Off/On
Switch 4 = SPDT Toggle Switch, momentary contact in one direction, On/Off/On
Switch 5 = SPDT Toggle Switch, momentary contact both directions, On/Off/On

G3 side view

G3 rear view showing PTT trigger